Wedi’i sefydlu gan Dr Stefan Coghlan, Ymgynghorydd GIG yn Ysbyty Wrecsam Maelor, sefydlwyd Draig Supported Living ym 2021 i ddiwallu anghenion byw ychwanegol pobl ifanc yng Ngogledd Cymru.

Our goal

Founded by Dr Stefan Coghlan, an NHS Consultant at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, Draig Supported Living was established in 2021 to meet the additional living needs of young people in North Wales. Its aim is to provide high quality supported living accommodation, personalised to each resident, across North Wales. It will provide respite care for young people in high quality surroundings suited to their needs, and provide facilities for vulnerable young adults to transition to more independent living ensuring they have developed the life skills required to live as independently as possible. 

Our Vision

Newly incorporated, Draig Supported Living, is a not-for-profit social enterprise business and will hold exempt charity status. The board is made up of proven leaders in their professions with strong ethical principles and a desire to have a significant impact on disadvantaged young people's lives.

Social partners

Draig Supported Living will be working with partner organisations including commissioners of care, social landlords and care providers, to meet the needs of vulnerable young people throughout North Wales. Should our bid be successful, this will be the inaugural project of what we believe will be a flagship programme that will transform supported living provision in North Wales through attracting inward investment without the requirement to meet the profit driven ethos prevalent elsewhere in the U.K.

Draig Supported Living Cares

We are a not for profit social enterprise business based in North East Wales. We will provide our ethical investors with a return on their investment. Any surplus income will be reinvested in further projects in North Wales, support our young people with skills for independent living, and provide resources to the wider community.